The Photo Voice Project was a creative group process in which participants were able to explore, capture and share their perspectives on their lives, and community through photography. Through the use of photos, youth were able to serve as recorders for their reality.  These photos were used to start dialogue between the facilitators and youth to explore their perspectives further.  Captions were paired with the photos to create these storyboards.

Vision of the Good Life:

vision of good life


Youth captured images that represented their vision of the good life.  The good life as identified by the youth included: educational achievement, an established career, stability, and positive relationships.






Supports & Barriers:

support and barriers

Youth captured images that represented their supports and the barriers to attaining the good life.  Financial insecurity and lack of support as they transition from being a youth in care to independent living was a theme noted by all youth in the project.

Despite the noted challenges of being in care, youth felt that Family & Children’s Services was a support for them in pursuing their vision of the good life.  In addition to having access to a safe home environment, material items and access to financial resources, youth noted having a sense of stability and supportive people in their lives has helped them personally, academically and emotionally.

Youth Recommendations for Change:


The final storyboard documents the youths’ recommendations for change.  These recommendations included providing more guidance and support in planning for the future and allowing youth to have a more active voice in matters that directly impact them.





Photovoice pic2IMG_20140718_105740               

Special Thanks: Our Youth Participants Alex, Katie, Riley, Troy, Holly, Summer W.,Tyler, & Summer F.,Bill Walters (Facilitator), Angela Martin, Tammy Rombout, Candice Dosman (iCandy Photography) and the Crown Ward Education Championship Team of Waterloo-Wellington