What is the Youth Advisory Board (YAB)?

The Youth Advisory Board or YAB is a group composed of enthusiastic youth who are in care. The YAB is unique because they have a direct influence and input on the planning, initiatives, events and advocacy for youth living in care. The YAB is also involved in a direct call to action for both local and provincial governments.

Why Join?

In being a member of the YAB, you will have the opportunity to provide your opinion on several topics that impact both yourself and the agencies that support you. The opinion’s of the YAB are then recorded and passed onto decision making individuals within the agency. You also get the opportunity to attend some great events such as Toronto Youth Hearings and WE Day.

Recent Projects:

1. The Photovoice project was created as an artistic visualization project of youth exploring their realities of living in care and captures their dreams as they transition through to their next life journey. To see more examples of these great projects, visit the Photovoice Project  page.

2. The Youth Leaving Care video is the result of an enthusiastic group of youth who came together to capture the realities of youth living in care facing the prospect of ‘aging out’ of the foster care system. This was their attempt to add their voice to a provincial campaign advocating for additional supports for foster youth. This 7 minute video is a must see!

Financial Literacy Program

The Financial Literacy Program is available to all youth 16 and older who have been in care for one full year. Youth will learn some basic financial skills related to independence. This group will assist them in meeting one of the four requirements to access their OCBe (Ontario Child Benefit Equivalent) Savings. If you’re interested in attending this amazing opportunity, please speak with your worker!


In May 2013, 19 youth in care from Guelph and Waterloo participated in Wilfred Laurier University’s Junior University Multidisciplinary Program (JUMP) which offers an educational campus experience for youth.  While participating in the JUMP program our youth were introduced to the Laurier campus.  JUMP students also discovered the excitement of learning while participating in hands-on activities, staying in residence, eating in the dining hall and enjoying fun recreation events.  We had a fabulous time!! Stay tuned for this years event!